Tubelight – Movie Review

Director: Kabir Khan

Lakshman (Salman Khan)
Mrs Ling (Zhu Zhu)
Guwao (Matin Rey Tangu)
Bharat (Sohail Khan)

Paisa Vasooli: 2 / 5

Babuji ko sharaab ne maara, Maa ko uske gham ne aur Gandhiji ko, humne.”
-How Salman Khan describes the death of his father, mother and Mahatma Gandhi.

Did you ever think you would want Sohail Khan to return into a film that has Salman Khan in it? Well, things have descended to that, in Tubelight. Salman Khan is so ridiculously painful to watch that you breathe a sigh of relief when the focus shifts on another character.

Tubelight is based on the Indo-China war (1962); kind of based, actually. Let’s start again. Tubelight is based on two brothers, Lakshman and Bharat who live in Kumaon. People call Lakshman a tubelight because he is slow to learn. Bharat is the younger brother. Both are very close. One day, Bharat leaves for war and Lakshman is left alone. He befriends a boy whose ancestors are from China but he is born and brought up in India. The story is about about belief, hope and motivation. We hope we got this right because we literally slept through the film.

Salman Khan seems quite moody. After a Bajrangi Bhaijaan, we suddenly see a shocker of a performance! It was, like we said, painful to sit through Sallu bhai’s scenes. The predictable nature of the film made it worse because you already knew where a particular scene was headed but you had sit through and watch Salman kill it. One person who could have excelled in this role would be Hrithik Roshan.
It was lovely to see Om Puri saab again! We were delighted! We saw him two weeks ago in A Death In The Gunj and now Tubelight. Quite a charming role and believe me, we forgave Kabir Khan for the horrendous attempt of a film, just for this.

Sohail and his bonding with Salman is amazing. He looked adorable as the younger but more sensible brother. Zhu Zhu is very pretty and can act! Kudos to Martin Tangu for bringing the scenes he is a part of, to life.

If you ask what is wrong with the film, we will ask what is right with it! The screenplay is a steam engine in the age of bullet trains, the dialogues are more lessons and advice, the songs are absolutely not required, the length is way too long…. Kabir Khan is clearly seen in a Bajrangi Bhaijaan hangover. He tries to get the audiences watery eyed (again) and senti is his game plan. Well, the plan does not work. So much drama at a slow pace, predictable script, and a below par Salman Khan is way too much to handle if you are paying 300 bucks!

If you still need a verdict then you ARE a Tubelight and probably this could become your favorite film so please go for it!


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