Teraa Surroor – Movie Review

Director: Shawn Arranha

Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya)
Tara (Farah Karimaee)
Rajeev (Shekhar Kapur)
Robin The Bird (Naseeruddin Shah)
Khan (Kabir Bedi)
Elle (Monica Dogra)

Paisa Vasooli: 1 / 5

Do Not Give A Bad Girl, A Good Boyfriend.

~ A WTF Dialogue by Shekhar Kapur from Teraa Surroor.

When Aap Ka Surroor was released in 2007, we had booked the first day first show of the film because no one could miss Himesh Reshammiya act AS Himesh Reshammiya and tell people why the nasal singing, why the cap etc etc. People thronged the theatres and Aap Ka Surroor was a superhit, despite being a below average entertainer. Now, this made Himesh think that ‘Boss, apna toh superstar banna pakka’, starting a legendary line up of superflops, yes, super: Karzzzz, Radio, Kajraare (this was not even released), Damadamm, Khiladi 786 (Akshay Kumar film, produced by Himesh, hence starred in it), A New Love Ishtory (didn’t even release) and The Xpose. Himesh believes the audience has accepted him as a hero which is WRONG. The audiences loved Aap Ka Surroor because it was about Himesh himself and he was a rage at that time. Himesh took that too seriously and is now churning out films like lofted shots in the slog overs of a cricket match. Koi Leke Jao Isko Yahaan Se.

Teraa Surroor is about this ‘expressionless weirdo’ whose girlfriend has been caught by Dublin (Ireland) Police for for possessing drugs. Our expressionless weirdo mouths a promise here and a promise there, a song here and some muscle flexing there and oh, gets the help of a laywer Elle, Indian ambassador (not the car, duh) to Ireland Rajeev Kaul and a con expert at escaping prisons Charles Sobraj  Robin The Bird. That’s enough for you to know and decide you don’t need to watch this film.

Not nuking him anymore, we’d like to put it across to our readers that Himesh cannot act. The best scenes of the film are where there is no Himesh on-screen. And with this toned look and sucked-in-cheeks face with a 24 hour nonstop jawline he looks someone whose just come back from rehab. Himesh has no expression throughout the film. TheMovieWala has sent him an email listing some of the best laxatives in the world to get over his constipation leading to this disaster.

Shekhar Kapur does a fantastic job of a cheeky diplomat with an accent. Leaving our favorite Naseeruddin Shah behind this time. Kabir Bedi does justice as well. Monica Dogra will get nowhere from the film and Farah Karimaee looks hot good.

Look, we’re not saying Teraa Surroor is bad film. IT IS A VERY BAD FILM. Shawn Arranha is definitely better than this. His previous work as asst. director (Lakshaya, Saathiya, Shootout At Lokhandwala) tells us we can forgive him for this debacle.

Overall; the first half drags along because of the legendary classics of Himesh, so if you’re a fan you can sway your way till the interval but the second half is nonsensical. We’re running out of adjectives now. Enough mind numbing for a week.

Alibaug se aaila ae kya?


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