Mubarakan – Movie Review

There are a lot of reasons to not go watch Mubarakan; for instance the expectation after watching the trailer, knowing the cast has Arjun Kapoor. Oh wait! TWO Arjun Kapoors! Hence, we left our brain back at home and went to watch this movie which we were sure would be another Welcome Back, Thank You or No Problem. We must say, we were wrong. Continue reading

Udta Punjab – Movie Review

Udta Punjab is what cinema should be; A fast paced script woven into master performances, amazing music and a relevant climax. Not that it is a perfect film, no, far from it but their intent is absolutely clear and Udta Punjab’s heart is definitely in the right place. Continue reading

Teraa Surroor – Movie Review

Himesh believes the audience has accepted him as a hero which is WRONG. The audiences loved Aap Ka Surroor because it was about Himesh himself and he was a rage at that time. Himesh took that too seriously and is now churning out films like lofted shots in the slog overs of a cricket match. Koi Leke Jao Isko Yahaan Se. Continue reading