Phillauri – Movie Review

Director: Anshai Lal

Sashi (Anushka Sharma)
Phillauri (Diljit Dosanjh)
Kanan (Suraj Sharma)

Paisa Vasooli: 2 / 5

Phillauri’s trailer showed us a lot of promise. We had really thought that this is such a winning idea, only if executed properly. To be fair to Anshai Lal, the execution is not flawed. The intent is there, the characters are in place but the script seems a two-sentence-story that is forgotten after the ghost is introduced.

Phillauri is a cute romantic comedy about Kanan and Anu’s (Mehrene K Pirzada) wedding. Before his wedding, Kanan is supposed to marry a tree because of superstitions. While marrying the tree, he accidentally gets married to a ghost, Sashi, who resides in the tree. All this leads to more drama and comedy than horror in Kanan’s life. Will Sashi ever leave Kanan? What the hell is Diljit Dosanjh doing in the film? Why is Yogi Adityanath CM of UP? These questions can be left unanswered.

Phillauri definitely begins with a promise. It looks fresh, very subtly starts a flashback for the ghost’s relish, gets the music right, even the cast is brilliant, YET…yet, Phillauri never rises from a very mediocre film whose only claim to fame is that they had a prettier ghost than Casper.
The film moves between past and present. The issue is that, the ‘present’ story is about 2017 and of 02 days (Engagement and wedding of Kanan & Anu); so the ‘present’ hardly moves between flashbacks. The flashbacks of Sashi (Sashi’s love story with Phillauri) are of early 1900s, covering years. A love story that even C Grade films don’t use anymore. We mean, we were not expecting a Yash Chopra but this was highly conventional stuff, man! Phillauri’s problem is that it is static; very customary with its handling of the flashback.

Suraj Sharma and Anushka Sharma are delightful! Suraj in a different avatar after Life Of Pi, is a good comic. Anushka oozes of charm and cuteness. Diljit is average. Mehrene, pretty, really needs to lose the babyface and add an expression or two.

Overall; Phillauri is an average outing at best. Don’t be spooked.

Phillauri is a feel-good formula gone too basic. Not below average, though. Average.

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