Mubarakan – Movie Review

Director: Anees Bazmee

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Paisa Vasooli: 2.5 / 5

There are a lot of reasons to not go watch Mubarakan; for instance the expectation after watching the trailer, knowing the cast has Arjun Kapoor. Oh wait! TWO Arjun Kapoors! Hence, we left our brain back at home and went to watch this movie which we were sure would be another Welcome Back, Thank You or No Problem. We must say, we were wrong. Not a GOOD film but definitely watchable!

So here’s the truth – can’t we just take a break, sit back and not look for deeper meanings, moral lessons etc etc in a movie and merely watch for a good laugh? This was an Aneez Bazmee movie so you do know it’ll about chaos, multiple characters, confusion coming together in one place. The story is about twin brothers Karan and Charan who are adopted by their aunt and uncle (Bhua and Mamaji) . Karan is brought up in London and Charan in Chandigarh. They end up getting engaged to each other’s sweethearts and their uncle Kartar Singh (Chacha) comes to the rescue, which obviously creates greater confusion.

To our surprise some of the scenes were damn funny. There are subjects to which our tolerant India would take offence (Udta Punjab jokes for example) but then again offence has low IQ.

One thing we’ve never been able to understand is the Punjabi pronunciation in Hindi. Why can’t they just get the difference between B and BH and what is kaaar, it’s Ghar. How tough is it? If people can take special Bihari accent classes (Alia Bhatt in Udta Punjab), then why can’t…Oh wait, this was Arjun Kapoor who ruined that too (Half Girlfriend).

As far as Punjabi is concerned, it was delightful to see Pawan Malhotra and Ratna Pathak bring life to the language. Some jokes were weird and clichéd; example-Male Milaap (Gay Jokes). On the other hand the gargling scene done by Pawan Malhotra giving reactions to the conversation between Anil Kapoor and Ratna Pathak was epic. Arjun Kapoor tried to bring out the character differences between Karan and Charan but the only differencewe  saw was their turban. Though we think the director did not allow him to express himself because we definitely saw an effort and we did not mind him on the screen. He must’ve been restricted seeing what he is capable of ruining. Crap Bad reputation, bro.

Athiya Shetty was just there with less than ten dialogues and some good clothes. Illeana D’dcruz was ‘okay’. Well, way better than Athiya Shetty. But Athiya is NOT someone you’d want to be compared against, we hope.

Anil Kapoors comic timing was perfect and he is the pick of the lot in Mubarakan. Each time he shared the screen with Ratna Pathak and Pawan Malhotra, the trio created the best scenes and one could not stop laughing (we did mention you had to leave your brain at home) Others for instance, the Sandhu family Father – Rahul Dev, the son – Karan Kundra were good in their parts. Even Charan’s mother played by Hassen was on point, like Anil Kapoor’s British accent. Neha Sharma as Nafeesa was good too.

Overall, we think you can watch the movie. Forget Indo-China going to war (maybe), India losing the Women World Cup Final (they still made it to the final!), GST (it may just help stop black wealth), everyday lynchings (CENSORED) and just sit with a tub of your favorite popcorn and laugh a little. A little. Only a little. Hence the 2.5, you see.

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