Indu Sarkar – Movie Review

Director: Madhur Bhandarkar

Indu Sarkar (Kirti Kulhari)
Naveen Sarkar (Tota Roy Chowdhury)
Sanjay Gandhi (Neil Nitin Mukesh)

Paisa Vasooli: 2 / 5

We start the review by saying the trailer of the film is just a way to make viewers reach the theater and the film HARDLY has anything to do with what they show in the trailer. The film is about Emergency, yes, but not about Sanjay Gandhi or Indira Gandhi AT ALL.

Indu Sarkar is about Indu Sarkar and her fight against the system / the government who have instated Emergency in the country. The film deals with flashes of Emergency and how it affected the people of India. She stammers (that’s like the second film in two weeks where the main protagonist stammers), she is an orphan and she is quite under-confident. Back in the day, these were enough stigmas. That makes things more difficult for Indu’s war against the Emergency. In all that drama, Indu’s husband Naveen Sarkar is a public servant, very close to a minister. The plot is quite confusing, to say the least. So we’ll leave it there.

Madhur Bhandarkar had ONE thing that made all his films click and that was a linear flow with one agenda. Here, in Indu Sarkar, Madhur is confused how to go about it. Why? Because he has this story of the Emergency being tied around this woman called Indu and not like his usual films where the protagonist is tied to a subject; for example Tabu in Chandani Bar, Priyanka in Fashion, Bipasha in Corporate, Raveena in Satta…) Here, Madhur is lacking in showing the reality of the Emergency and sticks to only what affects Indu or ‘Nasbandi‘. Nasbandi takes at least 20 minutes of the film and you hear that word more than 50 times in the 2 hours 15 mins.

Kirti Kulhari hits a kulhari on her foot by choosing to be in a half hearted attempt of a film. But it’s okay, her career wasn’t going anywhere anyway. Tota Ram playing Naveen Sarkar does okayishly.

The biggest disappointment is the character of Sanjay Gandhi (as Chief). This could have been a film that would have shown an unbiased portrayal of Sanjay on the silver screen and people could have seen what a ruthless, no nonsense yet reckless politician he was. But Madhur fails terribly. All we see is a N. Nitin Mukesh trying to act. To make matters worse, his character was very poorly written. From here, one can judge how badly designed this film was that Sanjay Gandhi could have been Googled and researched on Wiki. But no.

Indu Sarkar is boring to say the least. It hardly moves at any pace at all and we wish Indu would sing instead of stammer like Jagga Jasoos.

Indu Sarkar is a poorly written film which is half propaganda, half history, half crap and half something we really didn’t want to sit through.

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