Black & White Gettogethers – An Evening in the Lap of Indulgence

The stage was set for a celestial experience. There was some fine scotch at the bar, screening of a modern day cult movie and the address read The JW Marriott. Just when a film buff is about to conclude that this is as good as it gets, comes a lineup of splendid artists to sparkle your evening.

For all our readers who want to know what this is all about, we are talking about the first ever Black & White Gettogethers held in Bangalore on the 24th of June.


We all would agree that Deadpool was nothing short of spectacular. But, CBFC, the archaic Guardian that it is, took away some great moments from the film under the pretext of “Suitable Viewing.”

Black & White Scotch has been the key ingredient to quite a few of our best evenings. With some eclectic cocktail selections, the night just got more exciting.

Being the first of its kind, the event took the initiative of gathering like-minded people at the most desirable place in town, The JW Bangalore.

The inviting setup itself convinced us that this is the ideal way of enjoying a great film under the ravishing chandelier of the ballroom with some great scotch to keep you company.

The evening began with a live performance from the artist duo – Argenil. The House music was just getting us prepped for the immense excitement that lay ahead. It was followed by the supremely talented Azeem Banatwalla’s rib-tickling stand-up. His humor left us in splits and wanting more.

The evening concluded with the awesome Deadpool screening. Completely unapologetic, raw and most importantly unaltered, blending with our motto at TheMovieWala.

Courtesy our association with the Black & White Gettogethers, we experienced some fine luxury, that too doing the thing we love the most – watching movies.

Black & White Gettogethers enlivens the power of sharing for the young and well-heeled by offering them a fun, casual setting to unwind, build and share unique moments over exciting experiences. If you don’t believe us, catch the event the very next time it hits your city. And thank us later.

So on weekends, when you are confused between going out for a movie, a drink or maybe a nice dinner, do not choose one or over the other – head straight to the Black & White Gettogethers near you and catch all the three under one roof in its signature style.

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