Behen Hogi Teri – Movie Review

Director: Ajay K Pannalal

Gattu (Rajkummar Rao)
Binny (Shruti Haasan)
Rahul (Gautam Gulati)

Paisa Vasooli: 2 / 5

In this zamaana where feminism is jumping-jacking (if that is a word) into our faces, giving your film She Must Be YOUR Sister as a title seems a bit odd. Or maybe they were just hoping that most of the country has THAT mentality. Anyway, not cool.

Gattu is our hero, a lover boy next door in a Lucknow mohalla  whose object of affection is the girl next door, Binny . And this is  how he describes her, ‘Binny hamare nikar ke zamaane ki mohobbat hai
Gattu loves Binny, but misunderstanding leads everyone to believe he only has brotherly feelings for her. The title (just can’t get over it, can we?)
, also reminds you of a fourteen year old boy with a new batch of hormones and the first burst of testosterone.  The movie takes place in a world where grown men still operate by the rules of teenage boys.

It is a little disheartening to see a movie that incorporates casual sexism and regressive norms without any plan to combat them and then you realise that this movie has no intention of laughing at this mindset, it is in fact only catering to those who will find these things funny. The  plus points of this movie are dialogues written by Ajay K Pannalal, Vineet Vinyaas and Sanchit Gupta. The film is peppered with funny lines which feel exactly right in this small mohalla. For ex: Gattu solemnly declaring that ‘hum bhi cultured londe hai’. Ajay K Pannalal, who has previously directed a Punjabi movie, gets the textures of the locality right. The second half of Behen Hogi Teri is stretched and tedious, and ends up tying the story in knots. The tangled misunderstandings go on until you wish that Bhure’s father played by Gulshan Grover would just shoot someone.

Shruti Hassan looks like she has been picked up from a different world and has been placed in Lucknow and she doesn’t know what to do. There is little to recommend in Behen Hogi Teri other than the performance of Rajkumar Rao. As usual, fantastic. If you must watch, it is a proof of the fact that solid actors can sometimes elevate ordinary material. You will also get to see some other power packed performances as most of the characters are true to their parts.

Behen Hogi Teri could have and should have been a better film. Makers could have trimmed it’s flabby bits. There was potential in this film.

Still can’t get over the title.
Oh! Watch Wonder Woman!

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