Bank Chor – Movie Review

Director: Bumpy

Some disgraceful actors who thought cinema is money (only) not cinema as art

Paisa Vasooli: 1.5 / 5

Y-films has now again ventured into cinema after giving back to back blockbuster web-series like ‘Man’s World’ and ‘Bang Baaja Baarat’. The company has made a comeback with ‘Bank Chor’. We at the Movie Wala feel that it is best for them if they continue with their web-series only!

Bank Chor is about three good for nothing youths- Champak, the Marathi Mulga and the Delhi boys Genda and Gulaab, who are robbing a bank for the first time (if there is sucha thing). However, soon they realise that robbing a bank is no child’s play. The locker which they want to rob gets sealed while trying to open it. To add to their dilemma they are surrounded by the police, the media and the CBI. Amjad Khan the CBI officer believes that it is a larger conspiracy with a number of people involved in it. He is hell bent on completing the operation even if it requires usage of arms and guns. What happens next is an unexpected turn of events which at a certain point does surprises the viewer but at the same time makes him yawn at the slowness of the unfolding of the story. Phew! NO NO. This is NOT a Dog Day Afternoon.

Out of the whole B-grade starcast, Riteish Deshmukh was the only A-grade actor (ha) who somehow managed to draw the attention of the audience. Champak, our Marathi Mulga is the one who needs this money the most. Or that’s what it looks like in the movie! His reasons of robbery changes from father’s bypass surgery to paying off the loan.

His other two partners in crime Genda and Gulab add to his misery instead of solving it. Vivek Oberoi plays the poor man’s ‘Chulbul Pandey’. His only job in the entire movie was to show off his biceps and twist his moustache. Rhea Chakraborty err… was there as a journalist too!

Apart from having no songs, the movie also had no good punch lines in it. The conflict between the Delhites and the Mumbaikars is over-exaggerated for the sake of adding comedy, ultimately leading to nothing.

The first half went was slow but the second half was even slower. It seemed that as the movie neared its end, the director thought about adding more twists to it in order to give it a finishing touch. However, all these efforts went in vain as the audience had already lost their patience. The director then did another mistake by giving it a satirical touch by involving politics and the corrupt business practices into it and how they are affected by this whole ordeal.

BC errr Bank Chor is an example of how an under-cooked biryani is served to us as over-cooked khichdi!

Bank Chor? B*an Cho*.Err.
That’s what they meant right? Errrrrr.

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