The Movie Wala – About Us

The Movie Wala has come into being because of a dearth of serious websites that give the Indian Cine-goer non-paid reviews and determine the real ‘paisa vasooli’ from a movie. The Movie Wala also provides an interactive Bollywood Calendar alongside content driven analysis that caters to the Bollywood Fanatic.

The Movie Wala is the brainchild of two self proclaimed pseudo-intellects who think they’re funnier, wittier, better looking and more sensible than most people they meet- Dalip and Aditya.

It all began on an average day, not too long ago, when Aditya was super busy with ITC at Bangalore and Dalip was on a Volvo Bus from Delhi to Chandigarh.
A 40 minute phone call between the two call turned into a brainstorming session and has culminated in what you now see as The Movie Wala.

Lots of planning, organizing, research and backbreaking work later, the initiative has built up a formidable team of experts and contributors. We now have Vikas Srivastava, a Bollywood Guru and an oh-so-sweet girl, Vasundhara Seli, on our team, as contributors. The Movie Wala is also collaborating with The Right Brain Collective on design.

It’s a small beginning but we have major plans, which we’ll share with you (of course) in good time.

Meanwhile, meet the machinery.

Dalip Singh Grewal39236_10150250167205078_994163_n
He loves fantasy, the kind where he’s in a situation and pretends to be the third person watching the situation from outside. He flies helicopters for a living. He takes long breaths because he’s heard ‘Life is the number of breaths you take’.


Aditya Kaul
He wants to make his life interesting but he’s in a typical marketing 9-7 job which keeps him on his toes. He’s better than that. Like every ordinary guy, he grabs his creative side and tries to do something extra ordinary. Like every ordinary generic person, this avatar represents the extraordinary version of himself.


Vikas SrivastavaVikas
A postgraduate from Symbiosis University & a digital marketing consultant, he loves being sarcastic as it is extremely healthy for the mind & adds up to 3 years to life as well. Cinema is to him what oxygen is to people. A voracious reader who never tolerates anything negative about Matthew Mcconaughey & Govinda.


Vasundhara SeliIMG_20140823_125201
This movie fanatic is the youngest and the only girl in the team. She feels that one should never withdraw from the reality of life but at the same time having your own utopian world isn’t bad either. Maybe this is what inspires her to be a storyteller and be optimistic about life. After movies, her second love is ‘the red velvet cake’.


Apurv Inamdar95d15916302c4ebdf4e1e52a5f4c4629
An engineer by education, he now creates videos, films, and performs spoken word poetry, which renders his education worthless. He whistles with zeal in Salman Khan, Vishal Bhardwaj, and Christopher Nolan films. Fluctuating between extreme sarcasm and deep philosophy, he loves a good conversation and calm silences equally. As per him, people who fail to see the beauty of Breaking Bad should stop existing on this planet!