Mubarakan – Movie Review

There are a lot of reasons to not go watch Mubarakan; for instance the expectation after watching the trailer, knowing the cast has Arjun Kapoor. Oh wait! TWO Arjun Kapoors! Hence, we left our brain back at home and went to watch this movie which we were sure would be another Welcome Back, Thank You or No Problem. We must say, we were wrong. Continue reading

Bollywood Iconic Scenes – Over the Years

Greatest Scenes of Hindi Cinema

Top Iconic Scenes Bollywood has produced in past 30 years! From Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro to Haider!
What do you think about them? Let us know! Continue reading

Black & White Gettogethers – An Evening in the Lap of Indulgence

The Event - Black & White Gettogethers

Black & White Gettogethers enlivens the power of sharing for the young and well-heeled by offering them a fun, casual setting to unwind, build and share unique moments over exciting experiences. Continue reading